Wednesday, March 1, 2017

#TheLipPencil: Bite Beauty x Inflenster

Hey lovelies,

    I'm back to let you how much I love the new lip pencils by Bite Beauty, which is now sold online and in Sephora stores worldwide. The formula is extremely creamy and buttery smooth. I received two shades, one nude and one deep wine color. The nude was a lot more forgiving when I was lining my lips, but the deeper color wasn't. The deeper color was a lot more streaky and patching until you put a lipstick over it while the nude color you could easily wear out as a lip color by itself. They are soft so they can break easily if you're not careful with them. I would highly recommend trying them and see what you think of them!

I do receive these products for free for testing purposes! #TheLipPencil #contest @BiteBeauty @Influenster

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Classic Romper

What's the best day to dress up, especially for a school or shopping day? Friday, of course! I've been seeing this style of wearing knee high socks with rompers and other cute ensembles. I bought this romper, from a store on a Navy base, specifically because I loved the print and have been looking for it everywhere for a reasonable price. The cool part about this romper is everyone thinks its a dress when they see it. If only they knew the truth haha. Any more ideas on how to wear this romper? Leave them in the comments below! I can't hear your ideas!


Sunday, June 29, 2014

Just Pink

Just a quick summer outfit post today. I recently got both pieces on sale from Pink by Victoria Secret, as a graduation present, and the pieces are just lovely! I've never tried the "tying your shirt into a knot at the bottom" look, but I tried it out today and I'd have to say it's actually a neat touch. Plus for this outfit, the knot gave me more shape at the top. What's your favorite summer trend?


Saturday, June 21, 2014

New York Lights

First off, I want to say that I am so sorry for my absence! I had graduation and a bunch of other things that I needed to get done before I officially started relaxing for the summer. I should be back on a regularly schedule soon, but bare with me as I get back onto a system. Now onto the post...
Two statements pieces can sometimes look crazy together, but for this outfit, it works. The vintage New York tee has small parts that are orange, which ties with the pants. I love this fun, bold look for those days that you are in a rush to put something together. Even though color pants are trending out, I still have plenty of them in my closet! They are perfect for adding a touch of color or a bit of flare to an outfit. What's your opinion on colored jeans? In or Out?


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Spring: Countdown to Summer Look

Well spring has come and pasted where I live, but for those who are still in spring weather look, here's a look for you all today. Every year, floral patterns are a must for spring, even for those who aren't as girly as others!  It's a staple print that can be styled any and every way possible and still  look amazing! The top that I am wearing is see-through lace with a tulip back.
Jeans- Forever 21 / Top- Unknown / Sandals- Target / Belt- Unknown / Tank Top- Forever21
 What's your tips for styling floral? Am I the only one who runs from bees even when I'm wearing florals that attract them in the first place? Ahahaha.