Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Barbecue, Baroque

I'm really loving this trend going around, popping up in local boutiques and the runaways. It's a very regal, sophisticated look and design. I haven't found to many cheaper alternatives instead of name brands, but they're out there, just have to go searching. I did find one dress from Forever21, which was on sale for $8, that I wore for my birthday. But here's some fashion inspiration for your fashionable eyes...

From a Magazine


                                                           From The Huffington Post


Monday, December 30, 2013

It's My Birthday!

A week or so after shaving my head, my birthday rolled around the corner! For my birthday, I went horse-back riding (a month before my actual day) and saw a Lakers game. Thankfully, Kobe Bryant was back from his injury and we got to see him on the court. He is my dad and I's favorite player! Here's some of my birthday pictures...


Dress- Forever21
Boots- Belk (Rampage)
Jeans- Forever21
Jacket- Primark

Friday, December 27, 2013

Senior Experience: Locks of Love Hair Drive

Dec 12, 2013
     I wanted to leave a legacy at my school because my class of 2014 will be the inaugural class; my high school is brand-new. So I decided to plan a project I've always wanted to do since 8th grade: host a Locks of Love Hair Drive. If I would get 25 people to donate their hair at my event, I would shave my head and donate all of my hair to cancer patients. The message I wanted to spread through my project was: hair doesn't define a person's beauty; everyone is beautiful with or without hair.
     Guess what, beauties?? Everything went amazing and 26 people donated their hair that day. My event even got on the local news channel! Here's the final look of my freshly shaved head...Would you have the guts to donate your hair for a good cause?

Here's the before look
Plaid Shirt- Kohl's

Thank you to Paul Mitchell Beauty School and everyone who supported my event. I really appreciate it!