Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Manicure Monday || Crisscross Applesauce Nail Design

Sorry for this late post, but I was sick yesterday and wasn't up to posting. But it's here now!
With nail designs, you just have to let your creativity run wild and soar into the sky. (hey I sounded pretty poetic for a minute ahahaha) But that's what I did here. I kept adding details as I saw fit
because my design didn't seem finished.


For this design, I used Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in Limestone as the base and L.A. Colors Art Deco: Nail Art Lacquer in White to add the stripes. It was my first time using the L.A. Colors Nail art so that's why my stripes aren't as thing or neat as I had wished; I need to keep my hands more steady next time! But I still really liked the way my design came out and you guys get the picture. Then finally, I added Sally Hansen Diamond Strength in Diamonds as my top coat to add some sparkly into my life.

I hope you enjoyed my Manicure Monday this week and will hopefully do the design for your next manicure. Let me know in the comments what do you think of Manicure Monday and if you like them. Also bare with me as I will be getting better at doing my nails with time and practice!


  1. they look so neat n clean..like your nail art.
    follow u via G + n bloglovin, u plz add me via GFC b'cuz it doesn't work for me..


  2. Hey beauty you have a really nice blog,love your style,taste and pictures .Visit my blog,and if you like it, follow me on gfc I will do the same =)
    xoxo from Spain


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