Monday, April 28, 2014

DIY | | Centerpiece Using A Pot

So for today, I have a DIY for you all because I had to do a project for my fashion class, and there was nothing really out there on the internet on how to do the task my teacher assigned. The assignment was to make a centerpiece for a dinner table out of a pot. But don’t worry, I’m here to help with that now.

How to:
Step 1- Paint over any imperfections you don’t want or put a base coat on your pot if your pot is a darker color. Then let the paint dry. My teacher gave us little pots from the dollar store that had a design on it so the first step for me was to paint over the design in white.
Step 2- Paint your pot any color that your little heart desires. Let dry before adding extra layers of paint. I used a dark blue color and ended up putting three layers to get to the darkness I wanted. I was in a rush to paint the pot blue and kind of mixed the two colors over the design because I was rushing. No worries! I was able to darken the overall color to fix the mistake; now you can’t see it!

Step 3- Paint on any designs or put any decorations to your pot. Drying time is the same from step 2 For mine, I freehanded a tribal print and the words “Hakuna Matata” on the rim. Egypt is my favorite country, which is in Africa, and my favorite movie is the Lion King, which is where the saying is from, so that is where my inspiration came from.

Step 4- Cut your foam piece to the correct size of your pot. Then push the foam as far as it’ll go into your pot so you don’t see the green when you are looking at your masterpiece straight on.

Step 5- Cut the fake flowers to the desired length and push them into the foam piece. Be careful with this part because the foam I had crumbled and was easily broken when I wasn’t being careful.
Step 6- Now you’re finished! Here’s my finished project. I am using my creation as a grade for school and will be using it as decoration in my room to add some color and sunshine to my space.

If you do this project or something similar, please leave a link in the comments so I can see your creation! Have fun with this project lovelies!


  1. Very cute. This would be great for a Mother's Day gift too!

  2. cute idea :) - new post ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


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