Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Don't Judge lol. I was feeling myself today (:
You know those random days when everything goes the way you want it to, which makes you extremely happy all day? We all truly appreciate them when they happen, and today was my day! First off, I passed my one of two final exams for my pharmacy technician program; I was so nervous that I had messed up that my hands were shaking the whole time! The second wonderful thing that happened to me today was that I finally got a job, after like three months of searching.
For those who follow my blog, you probably have noticed that I usually only wear foundation and some blush on an everyday basis, but today I changed up my look. I wore Covergirl Blast Flipstick in Perky for a pop of color and simple brown eyeliner. This lipstick is quite interesting so I might have to test it out some more before doing a full review on it. If you've tried this product, let me know in the comments what you think about it! Hopefully, your day was just as good!

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  1. Yellow& bright pink go great together!
    I'd appreciate if you'd take a look at my blog! I just did a post on "The Truth About Perfection"


  2. Lovely Lip Colour ,perfect for Spring! The Pictures are gorgeous :)
    i follow new ,follow back?

    kisses :)

  3. The lip colour looks divine on you! And you definitely have gorgeous lips! WELL JEL.

    Fashionicide // Fashion, with a difference


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