Tuesday, May 20, 2014

How I Store My Belts

So for today's post, I thought I would talk about how I store my belts and other alternatives on storing yours, without putting them into a bin. One of my favorite videos on Youtube are room tours, but I noticed a lot of people were putting their belts into drawers or bins. I am kind of a neat freak so that technique wouldn't work for me, but I have my own technique that saves space, time, and appears clutter-free.
I got this belt hanger rack, from my mom awhile back, that keeps your belts organized and allows you to spin it so you can see all of your belts. All you do is hang your belts on the hooks and hang the storage piece in your closet. I really like this organizer because it doesn't take up a lot of space, but sometimes I tend to forget that it's in my closet. But otherwise, it gives me more space in my closet and drawers then it would, if they were thrown into a bin. I found some similar ones online if you want to check them out and get yourself a new belt organizer!

*I moved my clothes away from the belt hanger so you guys could get a better look at it.

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