Friday, May 9, 2014

Style Steal | | Chris Brown in "Loyal" Music Video


Jeans- Old Navy, Shoes- Timberlands, Moto Jacket- Unknown, Plaid Shirt- Kohl's,
Necklace & Rings- H&M, Oval Ring- Italy
For a guy, Chris Brown has great fashion and music sense! Chris Brown is one of my favorite artists, behind Michael Jackson and Ciara, so when I found out he had a new song out, I had to listen to it. "Loyal" is a pretty good song with its catchy lyrics, but what I loved most about the music video is his outfit (well besides the dancing). So I decided to do a style steal of it. In his music video, he wore a white tee with a black moto jacket, a plaid shirt tied around his hips, and wore Timberlands to seal the look. I did the exact same look, but a more feminine version. Also sorry about the bad quality of the photo of Chris Brown, but you get the idea of what I was going for. (:
What do you think about this look?
Do you listen to Chris Brown or like "Loyal"?

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  1. Chic outfit :)

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    Just let me know if you do on my blog and I will follow back right away

  2. You can totally pull off this look! I like your nails too!

  3. You pull of this look so well, I love that song/music video and I love this look :D x

  4. Great post! I need those jeans! Love the style :)
    Sophie Jenner

  5. love this outfit! what a great idea!

  6. Just gorgeous Big Mak :) you do pull it off

  7. Dope! Love your hair by the way


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