Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Spring: Countdown to Summer Look

Well spring has come and pasted where I live, but for those who are still in spring weather look, here's a look for you all today. Every year, floral patterns are a must for spring, even for those who aren't as girly as others!  It's a staple print that can be styled any and every way possible and still  look amazing! The top that I am wearing is see-through lace with a tulip back.
Jeans- Forever 21 / Top- Unknown / Sandals- Target / Belt- Unknown / Tank Top- Forever21
 What's your tips for styling floral? Am I the only one who runs from bees even when I'm wearing florals that attract them in the first place? Ahahaha.


  1. I love styling florals with bright colors! I always run from bees..

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