Wednesday, March 1, 2017

#TheLipPencil: Bite Beauty x Inflenster

Hey lovelies,

    I'm back to let you how much I love the new lip pencils by Bite Beauty, which is now sold online and in Sephora stores worldwide. The formula is extremely creamy and buttery smooth. I received two shades, one nude and one deep wine color. The nude was a lot more forgiving when I was lining my lips, but the deeper color wasn't. The deeper color was a lot more streaky and patching until you put a lipstick over it while the nude color you could easily wear out as a lip color by itself. They are soft so they can break easily if you're not careful with them. I would highly recommend trying them and see what you think of them!

I do receive these products for free for testing purposes! #TheLipPencil #contest @BiteBeauty @Influenster