About the Blog

  The idea of having a blog with more than one topic started when I realized most blogs only had one. I hated going to different blogs for different topics when we all know bloggers love more than one thing. So here it is! A blog about fashion, music, and books all in one. (:

About Me

  Hi, I'm Makaela and this is my little world on the Internet, filled with all of my passions. I figured this could be a way for me to share with the world the things that make me happy. My family used to be in the military and during that time, we traveled the world; I've been to over 45 countries!

Short Version:
-chocolate lover
-book reader
-lover of soccer and watching basketball
-favorite basketball team is the Lakers
-favorite artists are Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, & Ciara
-love finding new trends and unique pieces of fashion
-love to travel & going on adventures

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